Understanding Afghanistan
Through its People, History, Archaeology and Landscapes
APAA offers age and grade appropriate School Slide illustrated presentations.

Lectures, Private or Public courses and or seminars are also available in Europe and in the US.
Lectures and Seminars
Lectures and Seminars are given by Professor Z. Tarzi in the US once or twice a year.

The APAA seeks to work in partnership with other institutions to make scientific information on Afghanistan available in several languages and for different audiences.
School Presentations
  • The slide-illustrated presentations contain images on Archaeology, landscapes, the people of Afghanistan their lifestyles and traditions, Historical monuments and the wildlife found in Afghanistan.
  • Presentations are customized to meet the needs of the classroom and are age/grade appropriate.
  • School presentations are free.
  • Reading material and a copy of a map of Afghanistan are provided and in case of in-classroom projects APAA staff are available for assistance in person or via email.
  • To schedule a presentation in the US please contact Nadia Tarzi
  • For European programs please contact APAA@apaa.info